Usami 1232524
Usami is one of the participants in the Bloody Junkie game. He dresses up as a character from his favorite manga series Korema.


Usami is an otaku who is very passionate about his favorite manga Korema. Usami seems to appear as a young, cute little boy. However it is nothing but a facade. He is a cruel, ruthless and cunning individual. His personality can be twisted and slightly insane and this shows when he discovers the Bloody Junkie game and when he is killing or thinking about killing people.


Usami dresses as one of his favorite character from a manga series called Korema. He wears a military uniform, an eyepatch and carries a crossbow as his choice of weapon. He has dirty blond hair and multicoloured eyes, one blue and the other red- although they are contacts. He has a small and childlike frame and uses this appearance to trick other players.


Usami was an otaku who loved to cosplay. He met up with other otakus to cosplay as their favorite characters from the manga series Korema. He used to be a regular boy before he became a player of Bloody Junkie. Even before the events of the manga, his sanity started to slip away due to the pressure of his low grades and his mother. He was raised under a strict curfew and suffered his mother's shouting and calling him useless, and thinking she had raised him wronged. He was bullied and laughed at by his classmates for being an otaku and because his grades were bad. He planned on buying a knife and killing everyone who had laughed him with it. He then sees the Bloody Junkie website (sent to him by an otaku he cosplayed with) and sees that they are broadcasting a murder game. He becomes very excited when he realises that this could be his chance to escape the real world and enter a place where he could kill anyone he wanted. He joins the game.