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Sasaki is one of the participants of the Bloody Junkie game. She's skilled in martial arts. She's Fujino's partner.


Sasaki is a striaght-forward who isn't afraid to tell what's on her mind. She short-tempered girl as we can see how annoyed she was when Miyoshi couldn't spilled out word. Although she could seen mean she actually can be quite nice once's you know her.


Sasaki wears a sweater, a sleeveless shirt a skirt and leather boots. Her weapon appears to be either a knife or something related to it.


Sasaki heared about the show from her classmates and cheaked out the website watching the show.

She first interduce when she attacked Shouta asking him if he killed Miyoshi's attacker. Before she could do any harm Fujino stops her and explain who are they. Sasaki and Fujino are part of group of participants who decided to get out of the game alive without having hurting or killing other players. After a long talk and hearing about Shouta's story they decide to take Miyoshi and him with them to meet with the others.