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Miyoshi is one of the participants of the Bloody Junkie game. She's Shouta Mochizuki game partner.


Miyoshi is a shy girl as we can see from her first meeting with Shouta as she wary of him and his intentions. However she learned to trust him more although she's still having her time speaking her mind out, probably due to her past. She seems to view herself as useless and not worth of anyone's time.


Miyoshi wears glasses, a flowery poncho, pair of pants and boots. She carries a bag around her and her weapon is a scythe. She has black hair cut into a bob and yellow round eyes framed by round glasses.


Miyoshi has a long history of attempts of making friends but due to her timid nature she can't accomplish as she wishes. Although she's a loner Miyoshi does have one friend, Rina, who she's been friends since middle school. However her friendship with Rina shortly ends when a student, Teppei, takes an interest at Miyoshi. Rina, who's crushing over Teppei for a long time,she's broken about those news and decided to take her desperation and pain on Miyoshi. Rina then starts to bullying her by soaking her with water, scratching her with her nails and making her hang herself countless of time.

She also seems to have came across the website watching the broadcast of the show. Due to that she too ended up participating in the game.

Shouta first met her when he managed to escape Tsubaki hiding in a closet. He later save her from a participant who tried to choke her with a rope. Shouta quickly neutralized the attacker, tying him and locking him up. Later he succeeded on saving Miyoshi, thankful for his help, but requesting him to leave her be. Shouta refuse and the both becomes partners hoping to escape from the game alive.